Hockey Shelves Project
Started in April, 2008 designing and now coming together...

Front frame design

Side frame design

Skinned out, I'll stain the different sections the right color and there will be doors on the fron to access the shelves.  Each stanchion will have a set of shelves to display memorbilia, but still leave me wall space for banners and pictures.

Just testing the inital size and scale of the first shelf

Showing the lip, which should help it look like the top of the boards.

You see some of the shelf behind, if you're close enough, however I think I can disquise it with paint.

This is the finished frames in place for placement and size.

This first section is 48" and the second 40".  They are regulation height.

The wood I bought... elm, with some pretty grain...

Another couple of pieces

A rough put-together to see what it'll look like.

A rough attempt to show how I'll stain the wood... the yellow and read probably won't be that pronounced, but you should get the idea.